Corfu, Greece

Campiello & The Kandounia

Campiello (in Italian small quarter) is the oldest quarter of the town that spread out of Old Fortress and the most characteristic in its layout and typical, Venetian style architecture. Because of its situation on a rocky mound open to the sea breeze it was considered healthier and was favored by the more well-to-do society of the time. Narrow streets, called “candounia”, often with flights of steps, tall houses, a few churches and small-size squares. The bombardment of 1943 resulted in the destruction of many buildings, creating more open spaces. With time, the old town of Corfu developed within the walls to its actual size with more quarters with similar characteristics.

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Wine Bar 23 Donzelot, Corfu Town

Marina’s Taverna

Traditional Greek taverna 35 Velissariou str, Corfu Town


Handmade pieces 13 Dimarhou Kolla str, Corfu


bakery 39 Michael Theotoki Str, Corfu, Kerkira, Greece 49100