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The Koukaki quarter is one of the older residential areas of Athens, built gradually after the War of Independence, at the time when Athens became the capital of Greece. It is bordering the Acropolis and the Philolopappos Hill on the East and South and extends beyond the Syngrou Avenue to the West. Despite the extensive additions of newer apartment buildings after the 2nd World War, it still keeps its mainly residential character. There are still many of the 19th century, elegant, smaller-scale family houses, most with a back garden or courtyard, and its streets are generally quiet. On the other side of the Dionysiou Areopaghitou pedestrian walk, besides the New Acropolis Museum on the Koukaki side, some of the most famous classical monuments of Athens are there to be visited: the Dionysus Theater (the oldest in the world), the Roman Odeon of Herod Atticus, the entrance to the Acropolis area and, further on, along the Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian street, the Pnyx and the Philopappos hill and, still further on, the Ancient Agora. Furthermore, the Plaka district, Syntagma square and the National Garden are actually within normal walking distance.

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Place to visit Monastiraki” Metro station/Avissinias square

The Acropolis Museum

Museum “Acropolis” Metro station/15, Dionysiou Areopagiou str.