Corfu, Greece

The “Spianada” (Esplanade)


The medieval town of Corfu, enclosed within the Old Fortress, started to expand from the 13th century, beyond the Contra Fossa moat. In 1516, in view of the continuous progress in the use of the artillery, the level ground to the west, now called Spianada, was cleared to its present line of buildings so as to provide open space for shooting in case the attacker reached the site through the suburbs. It was primarily used for the garrison’s maneuvers and, later on, during both the French and the British period, for other public activities. Landscaped and planted by the Municipality after 1865, it is now an extremely pleasant open-air promenade and playground area, with a music stand for concerts by the town’s bands in summer. It is the largest esplanade in Greece and the Balkans.

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