Corfu Town,



Following the siege of the town by the Ottomans in 1537 and the burning of its suburbs, the Venetians decided to strengthen the town’s defenses. The fortifications enclosing the landwards town, planned by Sanmicheli, were finished in 1558. After the Ottoman siege of 1571, they were further updated and completed by Ferrante Vitelli (1576 to 1588). A second wall was added to the line of defense from 1669 to 1682 by Filippo Vernada. Before leaving Corfu, in 1865, the British demolished certain parts of the town’s external line of fortifications, partly in order to make possible the necessary expansion of the town to the new, well planned quarters to the west.

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The Old Fortress

History Corfu Town

The New Fortress

History Corfu town