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The unique location of Kanoni with the monastery of Panagia Vlacherna and Pontikonissi just opposite the monastery constitutes a really idyllic setting within Corfu. It is surely a must-see location, which every visitor wants to explore and almost everyone has taken a photo from Kanoni with views to the monastery and Pontikonissi . The area of Kanoni is full of lush greenery and has many luxurious hotels, hosting a lot of visitors every year. Moreover, Pontikonissi was named as such due to its tiny size. According to legend, this rocky island is the ship of Ulysses that was stoned by god Poseidon. In the centre of Pontikonissi, there is a 13th century church. Finally, many people visit the area of Kanoni and Pontikonissi in order to watch the airplanes landing and taking off from this spot, as the airport of Corfu is right next to this location.

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