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4 Suites

Athens is a city full of vitality, connected to all big European cities with direct flights. Its plentiful light and energy offer culture, entertainment and various activities all year round. A permanent challenge is the creation of authentic emotions, which assemble memories of people, images, flavours and aromas, creating a fundamental reason for the traveler to choose Athens as a destination, for vacation or business.


  • Home to our Acropolis Townhouse suites
  • Inspirational architecture and sculpture
  •  Awe-inspiring Acropolis & Parthenon
  • Cosmopolitan & creative
  • Perfect for a city break
  • Close to Pireaus & local beaches

About Athens

The city of Athens, the capital of the Hellenic Republic, is one of the most universally renowned historical cities, having a continuous history spanning about 4,000 years, from its origins to our times. Well preserved classical sites, as its world-famous landmark, the Acropolis, and a multitude of other monuments from successive periods of its long history are here to be visited by millions of tourists every year. By now, Athens has become a vibrant hub of history, archaeology and urban vibes. It expands in all directions around its centre, the Acropolis, from the long, scenic sea-shore southern suburbs called the Athens Riviera, up to the slopes of the surrounding mountains. With a population of about four million, blessed by the sun for the most time of the year and at less than a two hours flight from central Europe it has established itself as a significant city break destination.

Athens is also famous for its impressive museums covering consecutive historical periods, as well as for various galleries with art from the early classical period to the byzantine and up to the modern.

Over and above its high cultural interest, Athens is a lively and pleasant to visit city, keeping within its 20thcentury expansion the so-called “historic triangle”, containing all the classical sites, the 19th century and modern emblematic official buildings and the older quarters such as the traditional Plaka and the Monastiraki flea market area, with its narrow scenic streets and steps along the eastern and northern sides of the Acropolis, where the nights are long and lively in the “tavernas” offering tasty local food and greek music. For those who prefer modern living comforts, there are many ethnic or Michelin star restaurants, traditional or modern Greek tavernas, coffee shops, smart boutique-lined avenues, cozy piazzas, trendy bars and a feeling of living in the moment that make the Greek capital a lively metropolis which continues to be an all-time classic destination.
Modern landmark cultural additions are the “Megaron” Concert Hall and the newly built “Niarchos Foundation Center” with its Opera and Ballet halls, housing also the National Library. For the lovers of classical theater dramas, performances are held during the summer festival at the Herod Atticus open air Roman theatre, at the foot of the Acropolis.